The beginner’s guide for old school Runescape game

The beginner's guide for old school Runescape game

Old school Runescape is a massive multiplayer role-playing game that has always been a dark horse for its players. The fabulous game play of Runescape makes it one of the most favorite games of young players however it can be a little frustrating for the new players. If you are new to the old school Runescape and wish to play the game like a pro, then here is a brief beginner’s guide who will help you know all the important terms, tips and tricks of the game. The guide will also help you master the skills which are important to play the game perfectly. So let’s get started!

Welcome to Gielinor

Play OSRS like a proYou will be first introduced to the island of Ashdale where you will meet Gudrik. Make sure that you complete his tutorial as it will help you know the game interface and its key concepts. Once you have finished the tutorial, you would be all aware of the important terms in the game and what exactly you have to do in the game. Missing or skipping this tutorial may cost you a first few hours of the game.

Unlock the adventure

After knowing the interface of the game, you will have to understand how and where to move around. For this, the mini map will be your best friend. The mini map will take you around the area, and apart from this, it has two other main functions as well:

  • The home teleport- this returns the player to any lodestone that he has activated or visited. Though it does not work during combat.
  • World map- helps you find the content you are most interested in and it is the best way to find your next adventure.

Create the character and play styles

Every different character in old school Runescape has different abilities to access styles and different skills. So choose the character first. The different types of character have different play styles which are general, pure and skillers.

Building skills

If you wish to do well in Runescape and make money, then the skill building is what you must work upon. If you wish to know the different ways of making your gaming skills sharp to make decent money, then keep on reading:

  • Quests- the number of quests in Runescape is few, and you should know how to work on them. They give away decent rewards like experience and money which are very important for a beginner.
  • Objective system- this was developed to help a player in training his skills and completing the quests in a more organized manner. This was developed to help a player in training his skills and completing the quests in a more organized manner. This feature is perfect for the new comers
  • Combat skills- these skills are very important if you are going to be a high-level player. You can do the combat training to become a pro-level slayer as it is an easy way to raise your combat skill level.

So with these tips, enjoy your new adventures in the old school Runescape and become a pro level player in a very short time. If you want get more OSRS gold you can come to!

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